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Goal - episode 3

Goal – Episode 3

Questions to discuss!
- Have you ever wanted something as much as Manni wants to be a player in London Rangers? If so, what did you do to achieve your dream?

- Paul is flirting with Lucia, even though he and Emma are dating. How would you have reacted if you were in that situation?

- How would you describe the atmosphere among/the relationship between the different players in the team?

Mix and match!
  1. enjoy                     a) give
  2. customer               b) meeting
  3. exhausted              c) very tired
  4. trouble                  d) like
  5. offer                      e) many
  6. several                  f) client
  7. appointment         g) problem

What's the word? - Choose from the following words:

suppose       regret       afford      gorgeous       simple       still        yet        market

a) have enough money to be able to buy something
b) a place where you sell different things
c) be sorry about something
d) another word for easy
e) really good-looking

Use the rest of the words in sentences of your own!
a) _________________________________
b) _________________________________
c) _________________________________

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