onsdag 10 september 2014

English September 10

1.) Writing assignment - when you're finished with the election, sit down quietly and answer these two questions. Please write your answers on Pages and then send them to me.

a) Summarise what you’ve learnt about the political system in the United Kingdom. 
E.g. "I have learnt that they have a parliament in UK. The parliament consists of two houses and they are called ..."

b) What would you decide on if you were a dictator?

2.) Practice the words - make sure you can spell them. A good idea is to use https://glosor.eu

reign = regera
consult = rådgöra
tax = skatt
law = lag
elected = utsetts/röstats fram/valts
party = parti
democracy = demokrati
monarchy = monarki
rule =styra/regera
fair = rättvis
dictator = diktator
repeal = upphäva
pollution = miljöförstöring

government = regering

3.) Work with the words - write each word in a new sentence. E.g "I think it's good that we pay taxes because that means that we don't have to pay for out health care."

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