fredag 12 september 2014

Find the mistakes

For many schools, september means the start of the school year. Students meet they’re new teachers and classmates. This is all so a time to buy clothes and supply such as backpacks pencils and notebooks. Do you feel excited or nervos about going back to school? Think about what you will learn an whether theres a special goal you will try to meat. What will be the best thing about this school year?

Francis Scott Key wrotes the words to “The Star-Spangled Banner” after a battle
durring the War of 1812. Key saw how british forces attaked Fort McHenry in
Baltimore, Maryland. After the battle, the America flag was still flying over the fort,
which showed that Americans were not deafeated. The song become the U.S. national
anthem on 1931. The flag that Key saw is now at a museum in Washignton, D.C. 

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