torsdag 4 september 2014

Goal - episode 2

Answer the questions!

a) Why does Emma suggest they celebrate and have a party? 

b) Manni's really nervous about going to his first day of training. How did he do? 

c) Emma wants to change career. What would she like to do instead?

d) Who's Lucia? 

f) Paul is not being nice to Manni. In what ways? 

g) Alex says at the end of the episode ”I am this close to sending you back home” to Manni. Why? 

Working with words
What's the word? Choose between the following words:

lad          gorgeous         smart          honest         deaf

1. What word means the same as clever?

2. When you can't hear anything, you are...

3. Another word for ”boy”.

4. When you always tell the truth, you are an.... person.

 5. Another word for ”really beautiful.

Translate the sentences to Swedish!
a) He did not arrive on time 

b) I can't help you at the moment.

c) You have had a really nasty experience.

d) Just admit you took it! 

e) Who is responsible for this mess? 

f) Put a little effort in to this!

g) We didn't get the opportunity to ask any questions.

h) I'm on duty.

i) Tele 2 is a company that develops mobile phones. 

E X T R A 

Put these words into your own sentences:







at the moment






on duty


E X T R A    E X T R A

Listen to people talking about football in many different ways: Elllo

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