onsdag 27 augusti 2014

The political system in UK

1. Write these words in your glossary app:

reign = regera
consult = rådgöra
tax = skatt
law = lag
elected = utsetts/röstats fram/valts
party = parti
democracy = demokrati
monarchy = monarki

2. Log in to http://beta.sli.se/apps/sli/?db=3 and search for the film "Political System - British life and culture". Watch the film (as many times as you want/need) and answer the following questions. Write your answers on Pages e.g.

a) What is Buckingham Palace?

b) What does it mean when we say that ”the UK is a democracy but a monarchy as well”?

c) What is the Bill of Rights?

d) What role does the Monarch have today?

e) Name two things that the Queen does that shows that she is still a part of the Parliament.

f) What is the Palace of Westminister?

g) Who becomes the Prime Minister in UK?

3. Write these words in your glossary app:

rule =styra/regera
fair = rättvis
dictator = diktator
repeal = upphäva
pollution = miljöförstöring
government = regering

4. Watch this film "Democracy? You decide! (with Danny wallace)":

5. Answer the following questions:

a) When can you vote in UK?

b) Why does the politicians set up posters and hand out leaflets?

c) What does the House of Lords and the House of Commons do?

d) How often do they have a general election in UK?

e) What kind of people sits in the House of Lords?

6. Watch the end of "Democracy? You decide! (with Danny wallace)".

7. Answer the following questions:

a) Who gets to sit in the government?

b) Why is the Parliament so important in the political system?

8. Finally, record yourself or write down your answers to the following assignments:

a) Summarise what you’ve learnt about the political system in the United Kingdom.

b) What would you decide on if you were a dictator?


Order! Order!

Watch the State Opening of Parliament 2014.

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