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Goal - episode 1

Goal – Episode 1

1) The following people appear in the series. Who are they?






2) When Manni is walking across the pitch for the first time, what do you think he is thinking of? What kind of feelings does he experience?

3) The first episode is called ”I can't believe I'm actually here!”. What do you think is meant by that quotation?

4) Glossary – Translate the sentences. Write the sentences and the translations in your glossary app.

Where is my passport

I feel exhausted.

She made a weak attempt to catch the ball.

We are going to provide you with everything you need.

Put the shirt in the wardrobe.

Dial 911.

Do we have enough sandwiches for everyone? 

Yes, there are plenty left.

My father works for the government.

Let me introduce you.

Why do you want to be a chef

Sara looks confused.

I'll meet you at the railway station.

Can you give me any further details? 

We were supposed to meet an hour ago.

My wallet has been stolen! 

I will look after your cat while you're on holiday.

Are you related to Paul Carter? 

I want to return this bag.

Let's take a cab to the airport.

5*) Extra words – Write your own sentences if you have time!

ordinary -
aisle -
departure -

fare - 
flight - 
cancelled - 
cashpoint - 
persuade - 

6*) These famous places in London are mentioned in the series. What are they?

Westminster Abbey

Picadilly Circus

Buckingham Palace

London Eye

Trafalgar Square

Houses of Parliament

Big Ben  


Questions to discuss in smaller groups. Record yourselves and then send the recording to me.

1. What kind of qualities would you say that Paul and Manni have?

2. Manni is new in the football team. If someone is new in your class/group, what can you do to make them feel at home?

3. Manni has to move to England to pursue his career as a football player. How would you feel if you had to move abroad to make your dreams come true? 

Källa: Åsa Olsson, Olympica, Hedemora – www.lektion.se

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