fredag 8 mars 2013

Oliver Twist

Fagin” – ”Oliver among thieves”

Say whether the following are true or false:

Oliver was a thief. 
Bill Sykes was a pleasant man. 
The elderly man looked wealthy.
Fagin was pleased.
Oliver knew too much about the world. 
The elderly man was reading a newspaper. 
Fagin did not trust his boys.
Bill and Nancy lived with Fagin. 

WORDS: Work with these words and write them in sentences, e.g. There was a lot of people at the consert yesterday. It was really crowded.

crowded = a lot of people
alleys = in the end of a street
stumbled = fell
rubbish = things you throw away
companion = friend
filthy = not clean
knotted = when your hair is a mess
mattress = padded mat to sleep on
violent = beat, kick, hurting someone
handkerchief = a square of fine material carried in the pocket
wallet = a small bag for carrying money
valuable = worth a lot
among = together with people
wealthy = very,very rich
velvet = a type of cloth with a soft, springy surface
weak = not feeling very well
fist = hand closed for hitting

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