måndag 4 mars 2013

Oliver Twist

Born in a Workhouse” and ”An unloved and unwanted child”

WORDS from the text:

Born in a ”Workhouse”
revolution = a complete change of government and society
beggars = people who try to live by asking for food or money in public places
gave birth = had a baby

An unloved and unwanted child
undertaker = one who takes a dead body and buries it
funeral = ceremony at which a person is buried
awful = bad, ill, messy

DISCUSS: Has society changed for poor people since the 19th century? Discuss the changes.

GRAMMAR: Write out the section beginning ”Oliver's mother...” up to ”eat a fine dinner” in the present tense. Look at the short film if you have forgotten what to think about when writing in present tense. 

WORDS/GRAMMAR: There are 20 adjectives in these two chapters. Try to find as many as possible and write their opposites.

ORAL EXERCISE: Retell the first two chapters to Lena. Practise first.

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