fredag 18 augusti 2017

English 9b

Dear class,

As you already know my name is Lena. I am 42 years old. I am married to Christian, who is also a teacher, and we got two children. Their names are Axel and Stina. Axel is 13 years old and Stina is 10,5 years old. We also have two small cats that we love very much. They are called Sigge and Busan. We live in a big, white house in Björkäng, Varberg.

I really love to sport! When I was younger I played a lot of table tennis. It might be hard to understand if you watch me playing today but I was actually quite good. So good that I played in the Swedish Championships - twice. I stopped playing table tennis when I was 18 years old and after that I played a lot of basketball and beach volleyball. Nowadays I take long walks and train at Friskis&Svettis. I also love reading! I love to read books and disappear into another world. My favourite thing is to combine walking with listening to books. And finally - I LOVE watching tv-series. I must admit that it’s probably not healthy to watch as many tv-series as I do. One series that I have watched is called “Project Runway”. It’s about people who are interested in sewing and designing clothes. Maybe I got my interest in clothes and fashion from when I was young. When I was 3-5 years old I was a baby model for the clothing company Ellos. I don’t remember that much but my mother has saved some pictures that are fun watching.

I want to tell you about a memory of mine. It happened when I was 18 years old. Me and my friend Angelica, had travelled to Stockholm to join a huge festival called “Vattenfestivalen”. (Remember! Those were the days when we didn’t have mobile phones.) Before going out we joined a party in Tullinge and then we were supposed to take the underground to the city. The tube came when we stood there talking and I quickly jumped on the tube, turned around to see the doors closing and everyone else was standing outside the tube. And Angelica carried the bag with my wallet. So there I was - all alone in Stockholm and couldn’t figure out what to do. I walked around the streets the whole evening and finally at 01 o’clock in the night I saw two guys from Sundsvall that I knew and I was able to sleep in their apartment for the night. In the morning I looked in the telephone book and found the number to where Angelica was and later that morning we were reunited again. But let me tell you - I was quite scared that night.

I have worked as a teacher for 17 years. The last two years I’ve been teaching very small groups so now I long to teach a class again. I’m really looking forward to getting to know you better!

Best wishes, Lena

Oh! I forgot to tell you a very “interesting” detail about me. If you look closely at my face you will see a small scar on my left cheek. I got it the very first day I was born. I scratched myself so hard that it gave me a scar forever.


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