torsdag 23 april 2015

Bend it like Beckham - part 2 and 3

Exercise A: This section starts with Pinky’s wedding being cancelled, because her future in-laws think that Jess was kissing a white man at the bus-stop. Her parents then forbid her from playing football. Put the following events in order.
  1. Jess gets into a fight with another football player.

  2. Jess’ father sees Joe and Jess hugging.

  3. Joe and Jess almost kiss. Jules sees this and becomes jealous.

  4. The Hounslow Harriers go to Germany.

  5. The Bhamras find out Jess went to Germany, and try to make her quit
    the team.

  6. The wedding is back on again.

  7. Tony tells Jess that he is gay.

  8. Joe goes to the Bhamra’s house to try to persuade them to allow Jess to
    play football. 

    Exercise B: Rewrite these paragraphs so they are true. There are three mistakes in each paragraph.

    1. Pinky blames her parents because her wedding is cancelled. She tells her parents that Jess has stopped playing football. They are very angry and tell her she can continue to play.

    2. Jules doesn’t like Joe. In Germany, Joe and Jess fight. Jules sees this and is upset and jealous. Jules visits Jess’ house and they have an argument.

    3. Pinky is very happy that her wedding is cancelled. She persuades Teetu, her boyfriend, to talk to his friends. Teetu’s parents and the Bhamras arrange for the wedding to continue. Unfortunately, the wedding date is the same day as Jess’ university exams. 

      Exercise C: Joe tries to encourage Jess not to give up. When Jess says that her parents want to protect her by not letting her play football, Joe asks her “Whose life are you living?” What does he mean? 

      Exercise D: Answer the questions.

      1. Why does Jess’ mother pray to the picture of Babaji?

      2. How does Jess feel at the start of her sister’s wedding?

      3. Why does Joe go to Jess’ house during the wedding?

      4. Why does Mr Bhamra allow Jess to go to the football match?

      5. What does the American offer Jules and Jess?

      6. What job does Joe take in the end?

      Exercise E: What happens to these people at the end of the movie?

      1. Jess and Jules
      2. Jules’ mother
      3. Jess and Joe
      4. Pinky and her mother-in-law
      5. Joe and Mr Bhamra

      Exercise F: At the end of the wedding celebration, Jess is sitting in the car with her sister when her sister says “Don’t you want all of this?” (a wedding, a husband, etc.). What does Jess mean when she says “I want more than this?” 

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