onsdag 22 april 2015

Bend it like Beckham - first part

         Exercise A: Put these events in the correct order.
  1. Jess and Jules go shopping for football shoes.

  2. Jules sees Jess playing football in the park, and asks her to join the
    Hounslow Harriers.

  3. Pinky’s boyfriend’s relatives see Jess and Jules laughing and hugging,
    and think she is kissing a man.

  4. Pinky has her engagement party.

  5. Jess lies to her parents that she has a part-time job, so she can go out
    and play football.

  6. Jess’ mother sees her wearing shorts and playing football with Tony’s
    friends, and tells her she’s not allowed to play football. 

    Exercise B: Who said what? Match the statement with the person who said it. 

    Jess’ mother     Jules’ mother       Jess’ father      Jules’ father

    1. ‘I was married at your age.’

    2. ‘If she’s more interested in playing football than chasing boys, well
      quite frankly I’m over the moon about that.’

    3. ‘Your mother’s right. It’s not nice. You must start behaving like a
      proper woman.’

    4. ‘No boy’s going to want to go out with a girl who’s got bigger muscles
      than him.’ 

    Exercise C: Think about the expectations that Jess’ and Jules’ families have of them. Make lists of the things that their families and society expect girls to do. Make one list for both girls, and another list for Jess.


    Vocabulary - Bend it like Beckham

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