tisdag 3 mars 2015

English lesson March 5

1. Warm up
Discuss today's question: Would you like to be a boss? Why/why not? What qualities do you think a boss should have?

2. Read or listen to three of the following texts: Working life Remember to do the vocabulary exercises that is connected to the texts.

3. Listen to Jeff and Tim talking about cool jobs and then listen to when they are speaking about bad jobs.

4. Write your answers to the following questions. Write your on Showbie.
* What is the job of your dreams? Why? What does it take from you to get that job?
* Are there some other jobs that you could also imagine having?
* Are there any jobs you could definitely not imagine having? Why?


E X T R A - When you're finished:

* Go back to the text that you have read and listened to. Read them again and look for words that you think you need to learn. Write them down on Glosor.eu. You can call the word list "Working life". When you have checked all the texts - start practising the words.

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