söndag 13 oktober 2013

Måndag 14/10 - 6b

1. Skicka din Tänk om-text och bild till  Lena på Google Drive.

2. Öva på att läsa din Tänk om-text högt.

3. Spela in dig på Lenas iPad.

4. Jobba med "Läs och förstå".

5. Utmana någon i spelet "Rättstavat".

1. Finish your description of your fantasy animal. LAST DAY TODAY!

Here are the instructions:
a) Save the picture to your photo album.
b) Write a description of your animal. Try to use as many words as possible from "Zoom in".
b) Open Shadow Puppet.
c) Open your photo album inside Shadow Puppet and choose the picture of your fantasy animal.
d) Record yourself while describing your animal. Prepare yourself first! 
e) Press "Save" when you are finishes with the recording.
f) Write my email address: lena.lorentzen@edu.falkenberg.se
g) Press send.

2. Work with a/an on page 80-81 in your book.

3. Read the story "Three wishes" on page 92-96. Make sure you understand it and prepare yourself to tell someone about it.

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