torsdag 16 februari 2012

Glee - episode 3

This time I want you to find a quiet spot somewhere in school and record your discussion. Send the recording to me later or post it on your blogs. Discuss in groups of four: 

* Will´s father says that all it takes to be a man is guts. Do you agree or disagree?  What does it mean to be "a man"?

* Santana breaks up with Puck because he had lousy grades. How would you describe the perfect boyfriend/girlfriend?

* Mercedes wants to be with Kurt even if she suspects that he is gay, because "he likes who I am and I like how I feel when I'm with him". She thinks that's enough for her. Is it ok to settle for less?

When you're finished with your discussion I want you to choose one of the following situations and write an article about it. The keywords might help you. 

* Glee - new choreographer - Finn quits - Dakota Stanley - 8000 dollars - washing cars - Dakota horrible -fired

* Will - forms Acafellas - Henri, Ken, Howard - success - drop outs - Puck, Finn - selling the record

* Sandy -  stalking Josh Groban - MySpace - pen pals - Acafellas - back stage - life guard

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