fredag 18 november 2011


Here are the sentences that you competed with yesterday. Copy them into you own blog, spot the mistakes one more time and write the correct sentence. Make it look like this:

They took interviews with the children to help them find homes. - They interviewed the children to help them find a home.

Earley december 1938, they started to evacuate jewish children from Germany.
It was a lot of crying of all the children when there parents just leaved them.

It's about people who is old now but they talk about when they were kids and got separated from their parents and sent away from Germany to England under the world war two.

A thousand children a month came to brittain and most of the kids knew no english.

One of the witness says that it was like a nightmare and the Nazis were everywhere, it was very frightening.

I did almost start to cry when I heard what everyone had going through.

The children were by themself in England.

It was a man how got the idea about the childrens safety.

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