onsdag 9 februari 2011

Example - describing environments

Picture taken by: davidhc
Picture taken from: Flickr

This is a picture of a building called The Hoover Building. The name is written with large letters at the top of the front of the building. The building is made of grey stone. It´s a very large building. I can see only the front. The front has very big windows and green window frames. A light bluish green. The windows probably take up about 75 percent of the front. Everything is very straight on the building - nothing is rounded. There are five flagpoles with flags on at the top pf the building. I can´t see what is on the flags.

In front of the building there is a garden. I can´t see it very well but it looks very strict. The hedges are cut square and there are square stones. There is a stoned path leading up to the building. It is 2-3 meters wide.

In the foreground there is a gate. It is half open. It is made of iron and it is black. It has a geometric pattern. On each side of the gate there is a stone pillar and on each one of the pillars there is a lantern. The lanterns are not lit. It is daylight outside; the sky is blue with a fes´w grayish white clouds.

I think the building is somewhere in the U.S. Probably in a big town. It might be around eighty or ninety years old. 

Originally written by: Marie Linder

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