onsdag 9 februari 2011

Describing environments

Marie Linder jobbar på Montessoriskolan i Falkenberg och hon har kommit på följande uppgift som jag skickat vidare till mina elever.

Describing Environments 
In this exercise you will be working towards the goal of developing your ability to describe different 

You will be given a picture to describe. You will describe your picture in as much detail as possible, 
looking at the following aspects: 
-Where do you think the picture is taken? 
-What colours are dominant? 
-What di!erent materials can you see? 
-What sort of objects are there in the picture? 
-What sort of buildings are there? 
-What is the weather like? 
-What season is it? 
-What is the sky/the ground like? 
-+ anything else that is special about your picture. 

Useful expressions: 

-In the foreground I can see... 
-In the background there are... 
-On the right I can see... 
-On the left there are... 

1. Make a written description of your picture 
2. Create an account at fotobabble.com 
3. Uppload the photo you have been assigned 
4. Prepare your recording by practicing your script. 
5. Make a recording of your script. 
6. Send the link of your “fotobabble” to your teacher. 

Good luck! 

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