tisdag 12 maj 2015

English May 12

To be finished today:

1. Answer the following questions:

A) List some of the obstacles Ms Gruwell faces in the beginning.

B) Describe the situation in room 203 in the beginning of the film.

C) What does Ms Gruwell's husband and father think about her working as a teacher?

D) What does Erin Gruwell do to earn the students' trust?

E) Eva gets really angry when she realizes that Anne Frank died. Why?

F) The students finally meet Miep Gies. Who was she?

G) In the end Eva and Sindy takes a step closer to each other. What made them do that?

2) Choose ONE of the following writing assignments:

A) In Freedom Writers, the students write diary entries to express what they are feeling and the problems that they are facing. We only get to hear some of these diary entries.

Diary Entry Activity
Choose one of the following characters:
● Eva
● One of the boys in the class
● Erin Gruwell 
● Margaret Campbell 

Then write a diary entry about Erin Gruwell’s first day at school. What do you think about her? What assumptions do you make? Do you want her to succeed or not? If you are writing as Erin, what are your ambitions and how do you think you’ll make them happen?


B) The students in Freedom Writers write letters to Miep Gies to tell her about themselves, what they thought about the book they've read and their thoughts about Miep Gies herself. Now you choose a character from Freedom Writers and you write your letter to him/her. You can write about the same things that the Freedom Writers did:

* Short introduction of yourself.
* What you thought about the film.
* Your thoughts about the character you chose.

3) Go to Glosor.eu and continue practicing the words. The username is: betalena You don't need a password.


If finished with everything, find a classmate or two who is also finished and discuss these questions. Record yourselves!

1. Why are the students so unwilling to associate with anyone outside their ethnic/racial groups? Where does this intolerance come from? 

2. Why is trust such an important component of a teacher-student relationship?

3. Why does Ms. Gruwell’s students hate and resent her at first?

4. Miep Gies, the woman who hid Anne Frank, is a hero to Ms. Gruwell’s students. What does Miep Gies mean when she tells Ms. Gruwell’s students, “You are heroes everyday.”?

5. Describe the transition in Mrs. Gruwell’s classroom from the first day of freshman year through the end of the year – how have the students changed? How has Ms. Gruwell changed?

6. What makes Eva choose to “go against her people” in the courtroom? Do you think this was a good decision? How does her family and friends react?

7. Why are the students filled with such anger at the beginning of the movie? Do you think their anger is reasonable? 

8. What similarities are there between Woodrow Wilson High School and Apelskolan? How are they different?

9. What did you think about the movie? Motivate your answer!

10. Choose one thing (anything in the film) you thought was interesting and discuss it.

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