onsdag 29 april 2015

English April 29

1) Warm up
Talk about the film.

2) Finish these exercises.

3) Practise words from the film on www.glosor.eu The username is betalena. You don't need a password.


4) Group discussion about the film:

  1. Jules and Jess are both football talents. What other things do you think they have in common (gemensamt)?

  2. In what way are Jess and her sister Pinky different?

  3. How is Jules mother like? What is important to her? In what way is she similar (lika) to Jess mother?

  4. Why doesn’t Jess parents like that she plays football? Is there a difference between the mother’s and the father’s opinion about Jess future?

  5. Take up one thing (anything in the film) you thought was interesting and discuss it. 

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