onsdag 4 februari 2015

February 4

Goal episode 7:


1) What happened between Emma and Paul that made her break up with him?

2) What does Paul do to get revenge on Manni and Emma for kissing?

3) Why is Manni so embarrassed after the game?


Write down a synonym to the following words!

a) apartment
b) crazy
c) furious
d) seat
e) calm

Answer the questions!

1) How do you act when you act rude?

2) Give example of a situation when you can feel disappointed.

3) When a person says "What's the matter?" to you - what do they mean?

Write your own sentences!

1. celebrate

2. engaged

3 serious


E X T R A 

1. Watch Popreel, episode 1. Then answer the following questions on your blog:

a) Who is Princess Pea and what did she do? Write down everything that you learned about her.

b) Dada Masilo version of "Swan Lake" is very special. How come?

2. Go to Lyricstraining and practice your listening skills. 

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