onsdag 4 februari 2015

February 4

Today we are going to write "Sensory Emotion Poems".

1. How many emotions can you come up with? What are they called in English?

FEAR = rädsla

HATRED = hat

RELIEVED = lättnad

LOVE = kärlek

ANGER = ilska

SADNESS = sorg

TIREDNESS = trötthet

HAPPINESS = glädje

JOY = lycka

EXHAUSTED = utmattad


NERVOUSNESS = nervositet

EVILNESS = ondska

PAIN = sorg, smärta

CONFUSED = förvirrad

DEPRESSED = deprimerad


HOPEFUL = hoppfull

DISGUST = avsky

SURPRISED = förvåning

EMOTIONAL = känslosam

MADNESS = galenskap

HURT = sårad

INSECURE = osäker

2. This is how you write "Sensory Emotion Poems":

Title (Emotion)
(Line 1) (Emotion) is (color)
(Line 2) What does the emotion taste like?
(Line 3) What does the emotion smell like?
(Line 4) What does the emotion feel like?
(Line 5) What does the emotion sound like?
(Line 6) What does the emotion look like?

(Line 7) (Emotion) is _____________(include a metaphor)

If you don't remember what a methapor is you can find help here: Metaphor

3. Let's look at some examples written by other students:

4. Use the iPad and the app Canva to create your poem. Take the short tutorial when signing up for Canva. Save your poems when it's finished and send it to me.

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