tisdag 11 november 2014

November 12

1. Continue reading scary stories. You need to read at least THREE scary stories. This is what you are going to do with them:

- Retell one story to me. (Obviously you can't do this today since I'm not here...)

- Retell one story to a friend.

- Write a summary to one story and post it on Showbie together with the link to the story.

REMEMBER: Collect scary words and phrases from the stories that you read and write them on the posters on the white board.


Here's the link to the scary stories: Scary for Kids

For those of you who wants to listen to stories, here are your links. PLEASE NOTE! You need to use Puffin to be able to listen to the story.

Car Keys - read the story here and listen to it here:

Audio recording and upload >>

Girl on fire - listen to it HERE.

Writing on the walls - read the story here and listen to it here:

Record and upload voice >>

2. Watch this video: Idioms of fear. After watching the video, create two sentences for each idiom and then send them to me on Showbie.



3. Read Two-Sentence horror stories: 20 terrifying Two-Sentence Horror Stories

4. Come up with your own Two-Sentences Horror Stories. Write them on Pages and then send them to me on Showbie.

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