torsdag 24 april 2014

Find the mistakes

You have to be quiet about this, you can´t reveal anything about it. (2)

I was almost at the point of crying when I got a new phone. (1)

What’s his current situation? (1)

The teachers want the students to be all ears. (1)

He has learning disabilities. (1)

If you need help you maybe should go to a counselor.

When I was at my grandmother's funeral, she was laid to rest. (1)

Hey something crazy happened yesterday, during my shower, I looked up into the ceiling and saw my cat's face! (2)

Before I got to bed last night I watched one of my favorite series and Heidi´s tears were rolling down her cheeks. (2)

During my shower my mother baked a cake for me and it was really nice.  (1)

I heard my mother on the telephone pleading for something. (2)

I am going to put my closet next to yours. (1)

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