tisdag 11 februari 2014

Tuesday February 11

Last week you finished your first reading session. Now I want you to present your books for other pupils. Here are the links to webpages that you can work with.





Correct the mistakes in groups.

Just because my older sisters have easier in school it doesn't mean that I also have it (Rephrase the sentence so you say the same thing in another way.)

He answered angry (1)

Emil are not good at math. (2)

His parents are getting worry. (1)

I was sorry for him and told him that he was a good football player. (1)

She was never proud of me and I cries every day. (1)

Me and Jerry had been trying to write a song for a competition in school for soon 4 months. (1)

It was my mom who wanted to divorce in the first place. (1)

Everytime a know that im going to have a important test in school, I... (3)

and i have never been that good on games (2)

But then I did a big mistake. (1)

You should be more carefully next time, said Batman. (2)

when he where on the roof  (1)

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