måndag 13 januari 2014

January 14

Dear 9b, this is what I want you to do while I'm away with my class:

1. Watch "Holly's heroes" episode 17: http://www.ur.se/Produkter/173471-Holly-s-Heroes-Create-your-own-shot

2. Work in pairs, as you sit, and discuss the following question: Can parents do anything to protect their child? After discussing the question with your friend, answer the question by yourself. Write the answer on your blog. 

3. Last week we talked about New year resolutions. We are going to end that work with you doing this:

List five things you would like to accomplish in 2014. Explain why you chose these goals to accomplish and what you can do to achieve them.

Example: This year I’m going to save more money. I really want to buy a new phone. I’m going to write down all the money I spend every day. I’m not going to spend money on ...

Write your list and explanations on your blogs. 

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