måndag 7 oktober 2013

English 7 October

1. Warm up

2. Finish the following exercises: A, B, C, D

3. Work with exercise E. Before you tell me about the animals, tell a friend.

4. Use Doodle Buddy to draw a fantasy animal. Then follow these instructions:

a) Save the picture to your photo album.
b) Write a description of your animal. Try to use as many words as possible from "Zoom in".
b) Open Fotobabble.
c) Open your photo album inside Fotobabble and choose the picture of your fantasy animal.
d) Record yourself while describing your animal. Prepare yourself first!
e) Press "Share".
f) Choose Email.
g) Write my email address: lena.lorentzen@edu.falkenberg.se
h) Press send.

Check out this example:


My text:

This is my fantasy animal called pucklenose. It has a funny looking body with tufts on top of the ear and under the chin. 

The main part of the body is blue but it has green legs. The green legs help the pucklenose to run very fast. Actually it runs almost as fast as the cheetah.

The head is very big and the mouth is always open. 

The pucklenose likes to hunt and swim but it always do that during the nights because it sleeps most of the day. 

The pucklenose lives in Australia.

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