måndag 6 maj 2013

Oliver Twist

* Let's start talking about some of the characters in Oliver Twist. How would you describe
Oliver Twist

* What is your impression of the time Oliver lived in (the 19th century)?

* Oliver is extremely "good" even if he has had a terrible childhood. Do you think this is realistic? Why or why not?

* Fagin is sentenced to death for his crimes. Do you think that's fair? Why or why not?

* Write a summary of the film.

* Write a letter to Oliver Twist. Ask him about his life. Tell him about yourself and the time and country you live in today.

Imagine Oliver Twist went to school and learned to read and write. Choose an episode and write his diary in the first person. Explain what happened to you (the transfer to the workhouse, the work, the request for food, the punishment, the stay at Mr Brownlow, the break-in, and finally the escape).

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