torsdag 17 januari 2013


Questions Newsreel 18

1 Approximately how many people were on board the Costa Concordia cruise ship when it sank?
  1. A  2,200
  2. B  3,200
  3. C  4,200
2 Homosexuality is illegal in Uganda. True  False

3 Explain what Jamie Oliver has been campaigning for since 2005.

4 Who banned the website

5 The Olympic flame has travelled from ......... to the UK in preparation for this year’s London Olympics.
A America
B Greece
C China

6 In which city and in which year did the first Paralympic Summer
Games take place?

7 Magazines in Spain and a newspaper in Portugal have published topless photos of UK royal Catherine Middleton.

8 A ....... of ............. was declared on the East Coast of America as Super storm Sandy hit the US. 

9 In his victory speech, Barack Obama says he wants to thank....? 

10 Malala Yousafzai comes from which country? 
A Pakistan
B India

11 Gangnam Style won which award at this year’s MTV Europe Music Awards?

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