tisdag 6 november 2012

Study partners

Emilia - Fernanda
Nathalie - Zebastian
Evelina - Elina
Ida - Joel
Philip - Clara
Viktor - Pernilla
Razvan - Benjamin
Noa - Samuel
Gabriel - Moa
André - Sandra
Rebecca - Gabija
Leo - Daniel

1. Remember to check Unikum and my latest feedback while you are writing your scary story. Also remember to check the words and expressions that we collected while we were reading the scary stories.

2. When you are finished with you story, read it loud to yourself.

3. Publish it on your blog as a first draft and then let your study partner read it and give feedback.

4. When your study partner has given you feedback you process your scary story until you feel satisfied. Then re-publish it on your blog. The headline can be: "My scary story - the final draft", that way I know that you are finished.

5. Watch the tutorials about making a podcast. The link is in another post. Use your headphones.

6. Finished with all this? Watch Obama's victory speech. The link is in another post.

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