fredag 9 november 2012


This is what we listed when we talked about feedback:

I like the idea                                                                               
You write very fluently                                                                
This sentence is really good ...                                                  
Good that you describe ...                                                          
The tense looks good ...                                                          
You're good at grammar
Pick a part from the story that you think is really good
You write coherently/the text is coherent (att skriva med sammanhang)
I can really see that it's a scary story/you use many scary story words

Think about
Doble check the spelling
Look at the tense. You change between past tense and present tense.
Do you find a grammar mistake? Write the correct form.

If you come up with other things that are good or that your study partner needs to think about, write them instead. Think about "Two stars and a wish" when you give your feedback. That means that you can choose two things that are good about the text and one thing that he/she can improve.

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