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Describing environments

Describing Environments
In this exercise you will be working towards the goal of developing your ability to describe di!erent environments.

You will be given a picture to describe. You will describe your picture in as much detail as possible, looking at the following aspects:
- Where do you think the picture is taken?
- What colours are dominant?
- What different materials can you see?
- What sort of objects are there in the picture? 

- What sort of buildings are there?
- What is the weather like?
- What season is it?
- What is the sky/the ground like?
- + anything else that is special about your picture.

Useful expressions:
- In the foreground I can see...

- In the background there are/there is...
- On the right I can see...
- On the left there are/there is...

- In the middle of the picture there is/there are...

  1. Make a written description of your picture
  2. Prepare your recording by practicing your script.
  3. Send your script to me when it's finished so I can print it. 
  4. Make a recording of your script at www.screenr.com
  5. Embed your recording on your blog. 

    Good luck! 

    This task is inspired by Marie Linder.

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