torsdag 17 september 2015

4A Friday 18/9


1) Listen to the songs. 

Song number 1: 10 little numbers

Song number 2: Number Words Rap

2) Try to learn how to spell the numbers. (Träna på att stava siffrorna.)

Game number 1: Number Game

3) Read this instructions:

a) Use cards with the numbers 0-10.

b) Work with a friend.

c) Put one card at a time on the table.

d) The one who says the correct number first gets the card. (Den som först säger siffran rätt får kortet.)

e) Continue until all your cards are finished. (Fortsätt tills alla kort är tagna.)

4) Learn the rhyme. (Lär dig rimmet.)

a) Learn this rhyme about the numbers 1-10 by heart. (utantill)

b) Practise it. (Öva)

c) Say the rhyme to Lena

1 - 2     Who are you?
3 - 4     Shut the door.
5 - 6     Pick up sticks.
7 - 8     You are late!
9 - 10   Where’s my pen? 

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