måndag 28 september 2015

English 28/9

1. Listen to "Rowing boats" by yourself:

Oxford Owl 5A:
1. Gå in på http://oxfordowl.co.uk
2. Klicka på My class login
3. My class username: engelska5A
4. My class password: Engelska5A
5. Klicka på ebooks
6. Sök på "Rowing boats" och klicka på den.
7. Glöm inte att skruva upp ljudet och lyssna samtidigt som du läser!

2. Answer these questions. Write your answers on Pages.

a) What's the dog's name?

b) Why do they need the coats? 

c) Can Chip row?

d) Does Craig like the plums?

e) What happens to Joe?

f) Who  saved the boat?

3. Work with "Complete the sentence" - Lena has got the paper. 

4. Work with "Rowing boats" - Lena has got the paper. 

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